#we light as one 04/12/20 (in solidarity with the frontliners)

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P3.9 Ledwall with variable height stage trusses

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Year 2020 for JVL pro (Bohol, Philippines)

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JVL pro 2020

Constant upgrade, upbeat service.

new inventory

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upgrade to digital for 2018!

a pair of RCF NXL24a, and an Allen and Heath QU24 Digital Mixer


audio and lights installation project at the new HNU Gym

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When the 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit Bohol in October 15, 2013, much of the old Holy Name University Campus in downtown Tagbilaran City was devastated and left unusable. This includes the University gymnasium. That was when the University administration decided to build a new gym in its Dampas campus.

Leaving from the usual audio setup, the gym must be fitted with an audio system that has a professional sound quality, takes the benefit of a line array system, easy to install and tune, and will enhance the aesthetics of the gym. As a direct benefit, there will be no need for the university to rent a professional audio system and lightings both for the university events and those who will rent the gym thus boasting its income from the rentals.

This is when the RCF NX series came into consideration. Actually, there were several proposals made by professional dealers. These resulted into confusion on the part of the administration given the lack of experience with the trade. After days of deliberation with the assistance of a local lights and audio supplier, considering the whole package, price, installation and after install services, the will be SPL, quality, coverage of the audio system, the university settled for a flown column array.

The RCF NXL44A with a maximum SPL of 134dB, and 90° horizontal coverage became the winner among several choices. It will be installed in a suspended curve configuration 2 pieces per side with two single RCF subs, the SUB 8004-AS. This system should be enough even with the gym full of people until its maximum capacity of 2000 individuals.

The expected results in terms of SPL, coverage, quality of sound, easy to install and tune were immediately achieved by the system. However, when the gym is empty, the all-front FOH is too much for a non-acoustically treated gym. This is where two of the RCF Art735A are installed as delay speakers. As floor monitors, the RCF Art 315A does the job well.

The installation project came just in time when the Bohol based event supplier JVL Pro Lights and Sound was canvassing (months earlier) for a much needed system upgrade. The RCF NX series were in fact part of the next acquisition wish-list. Contacts with different lights and audio suppliers were already established. The purchasing period was rather quick, taking only 2 weeks including placing of orders and delivery, and, considering there were no less than 7 suppliers involved in the project.


by jvl pro lights and sounds Bohol EIR (Events, Install and Retail)
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new inventory

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by JVL Pro Light and Sound Bohol EIR (Events, Install, Retail)

jvlventures@gmail.com; 0948-8420737

Presidential Candidate Duterte in Bohol April 3, 2016

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served well with MB2 midtops: 4 x electrotec and 4x MBJ378

by JVL Pro Light and Sound Bohol EIR (Events, Install, Retail), jvlventures@gmail.com, 0948-8420737

note: due credit is given to the aerial photographer.

Images of Various Event Engagements

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by JVL Pro Light and Sound Bohol EIR (Events, Install and Retail) 

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Samson Auro D415 Powered speakers and Shure SVX Dual Wireless Microphone System

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just acquired two samson auro D415s and original Shure SVX dual wireless mics. investing wisely for the customer’s satisfaction with affordable rental rates.

Band Setup with Brownbuds

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